Casino is an excellent gaming club, which is distinguished not only by its developed infrastructure, but also by its unique design, comfortable interface and high level of service.
The online casino allows users to fully enjoy gambling entertainment without wasting their time looking for and waiting for a comfortable gaming club.

Many players who top up their wallets for large sums of money know that there are many different ways to top up their online casino accounts, but not all of them are simple and easy to use. A simple way to deposit is through money transfer systems.

Slot machines

Online casino LUCKY DREAMS CASINO offers its users a large selection of modern slots for all tastes and capabilities. Attractive and bright interface, handy functionality, high quality games, as well as excellent sound quality, these are the main advantages of the online club in comparison to conventional gaming rooms.

Among the slot machines we can highlight:

  • Roulette. This is one of the most popular games of chance, which is great for players of all ages.
  • Poker. Excellent entertainment can be poker and Black Jack games, thanks to which a person can perfectly spend his free time. Many people who like card games, often play the slot poker, where you can spend an unforgettable free time.
  • Video poker. Each player can choose for themselves a fascinating game, which contain a variety of content and give the opportunity to have a great time in a relaxing gaming atmosphere.
  • Slot machine. A feature of this device is the presence of the sound frequency, which will not interfere, and will give only a pleasant feeling of the gameplay.

Lucky Days Casino presents slot machines of different themes, among which you can highlight such as:

  • Strawberry. This slot machine will suit players of all ages who prefer slot machines with simple controls. This game is suitable for all players who want to spend time with your loved one. This game has simple rules and accessible graphics. In addition, gamers will be able to have a pleasant time earning various bonuses and rewards. Also, you will be able to play bonus games by guessing poker cards.
  • Blackjack. This is one of the most popular and popular types of poker in online casinos. The slot allows you to win a huge amount of money, as well as stop from playing in time without risking any money. Mature players will also love it, as this game is safe, as well as there is a rating honesty control.
  • Magic card numbers. This slot is ideal for those gamers who like to play for money. With this slot, the player has access to additional bonus games, such as video poker or five card blackjack, which is played with up to 6 people. The game has simple controls, and the entertainment and gambling component blends well with the graphics and sound. Role-playing games take place with this slot, which has a multi-action game mode, which means that the player can play for free in any mode and from any device. The game requires a good memory, so you can play without registration. The game is good for practicing techniques and strategy.
  • Hunters. This is a slot machine for children. The game is designed specifically for children, so you can easily involve your child in a serious activity – playing online games. The slot has 5 spinning reels and 5 lines. To start playing a slot machine Hunters need to make bets of 10 coins per line. In the game there are 5 rounds of coin value.

Bonuses and special offers

LUCKY DREAMS CASINO online casino offers bonuses and personal discounts to regular players and all who come by recommendation:

  • Welcome Bonus. This is a 100% bonus, which is based on the value of bets on the slot machine Columbus Deluxe of $25. This bonus can be received immediately after registration at the casino, without any requirements or complications.
  • Special promotion. Bonus $50 on your deposit. This special bonus is credited for a deposit of $50 or more. 3. Deposit bonuses. Up to $25 on the first deposit and after 20 replenishments. In addition, for deposits of $1000 and more LUXY DRAWERS CASAINO casino gives you a bonus of up to $5000. This bonus is part of the VIP program. To get it, you must make a 15-minute wager on a Columbus slot machine and deposit a bonus $50 or $500 into your account.
  • The deposit bonus is not only the special offers mentioned above, but also the training system “Specialist”, which leads the newcomer to gambling, and “free roulette”, which you can start to master right now.
  • Bonuses provided a lot, and each of them – a certain level, for finding on which to accrue or not to accrue bonuses, decides the casino administration. In addition, the casino is constantly conducting promotions, bonus tournaments, raffles privileges, etc. Now you can see for yourself that without any scams and cheating at online casinos Lucky Drawers CASADA, LUKE, LUSH, BACHINO, GRAND CASTLE and others, happy to give you 100% cash bonuses.

Withdrawal of money

LUCKY DREAMS CASINO casino gives its players the opportunity to withdraw money from the gaming account using such popular methods as electronic payment system WebMoney, bank transfer, bank cards, mobile payment systems, money transfers by card number, as well as other payment systems.

In order to start playing at the casino, the player must complete the registration procedure. Registration is carried out on the same technology, as well as the usual registration in any other virtual casino. You can then proceed to the game.

The casino periodically conducts various promotions and draws for prizes. For example, in February, there is a regular campaign to identify the ten players who make the most frequent winning bets and one player, who wins large sums more often than others.

This procedure is carried out every month in order to identify the most active players.During this promotion the prize bets on the machine are doubled, which also makes the winnings even more significant.

Bonus policy

The official website of the club offers only one bonus program – “Active”. The essence of this program is that the player receives bonuses through wagering, that is, for each deposit made, the doubling game begins. The amount of the bonus is 50% of the amount of the deposit.

In order to get a free bonus of 60 euros you only need to deposit 100 euros into your account. Of course, it is not as easy as playing for money, but also not difficult as downloading games for free.


So, LUCKY DREAMS CASINO is one of the best and interesting casinos. Thanks to the high quality design, constant support and daily bonuses, you can get a real pleasure from the game. In addition, there is a daily support service that always answers users’ questions.

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