BITCOIN GAMES CASINO is a virtual casino that issues its own cryptocurrency, bitcoin. In addition, the casino was founded to increase players’ profits and according to this even keeps some kind of stock of cryptocurrency. But what’s most interesting is that BITCAIN Gaming CASAINO (Bitcoin Casino) only works with bitcoins, and accepts bets based on them.


BITCOIN GAMES CASINO is licensed by Curacao. Because of this, the casino has the right to play outside of the jurisdiction, but it is still very difficult to get a license. In addition, playing at Bitscoins casino is not forbidden to buy fiat money.

Gaming machines

BITCOIN GAMES CASINO online casino has more than 500 popular slot machines for every taste. In this case, the slot machines in the casino is divided by genre and have up to 17 gaming platforms. On this basis, each player can choose which machine is most suitable for him.

The number of slots – more than 500, as well as more than 800 machines that you can find in almost all the gaming rooms. BITcoins has more than 50 video poker games for any interest. With video support, players can play at tables with any opponent, any day and any time. By releasing its own crypto, BITcoin Casinos has decided to switch completely to slot machines. In addition, the casino gives free access to its playing fields.

Among the most popular slot machines are:

  • Blackjack. This is a classic that never gets old.
  • Wheel of Fortune.
  • Single poker. About casino games in casinos, how to win and what machines are better to choose. You can learn all of this on our website if you check out one of our gaming rooms.
  • Thanks to its low entry rate, the casino offers a variety of sweepstakes, tournaments, live dealer games and more, at any time of the day, night or hour, so we’re sure you’ll find something to your liking.

Innovative technology

The casino design perfectly combines visual form and functionality. Each machine has original shapes and a combination of lines, colors and textures. Bonus Drawings. Royalties Card top up your Bitscoin Casino account with a small percentage of the bets made with the card. You will also have access to exclusive jackpots that appear during major tournaments.

Bonuses and special offers

At Bitcoin Games Casino online casino, you can get all of these benefits by taking advantage of special offers. There are plenty of bonuses waiting for every player: Hidden Dates, SuperPre-Sales, Hidden Supplies and Rewards. Some of the main bonuses include:

  • Welcome Bonus. This is your “start page” when you enter the online catalog, as the bonus is credited automatically the first time you enter the casino. In addition, the bonus is renewed every time a deposit is made. The reward is credited by the casino to your gaming account.
  • Deposit Bonus. You can get up to $3,000 after each deposit. Moreover, the casino constantly offers bonuses to its best customers. By wagering from $100, you will receive up to $1,250 in jackpot. Even today you can take advantage of a special poker offer. If you wager at least $3,000, you will receive a $10 bonus in addition to your main bet.
  • HappyMonth and HappyYear bonuses. Playing at BTC Games Casino, you can accumulate bonuses and exchange them for Poker Cards with special discounts and interesting bonuses. In addition, players have access to different levels of bonus, such as Basic Banister, Silver Banisters, Gold Banishes, etc. More detailed conditions can be found on the official website of the casino.
  • The bonuses are certainly enough for everyone to start playing. At the casino we offer a large number of promotions and discounts. When you register, you will get $200 as a gift. The bonus can be used by any player who makes a deposit of $500. In addition to various incentives, we have promotions for players who play in our gaming room. To players-beginners we recommend for the beginning to play in a demo version of our site that you can appreciate all the beauty and convenience of our service and start playing in the casino without cash deposits.

Withdrawing money

In BITCOIN GAMES CASINO you can withdraw money in the following ways:

  • To an e-wallet. With TRANSFER MANAGEMENT and ROBOKASSA you can always withdraw money directly.
  • On BITcoIN site there is an opportunity to pay for services, goods purchase for electronic money. This is very convenient because the money is transferred to the card immediately, no need to search for any service.
  • Through the financial system. The transfer system within the system accepts electronic money and gives it to the e-wallet.
  • Through special terminals. Thus, the BITcoin system eliminates the need to pay interest for the exchange of funds between wallets.
  • Through the points of reception of utility bills. This is the easiest way to withdraw funds from the system BITCoin.

Invest in Bitcoin currency

BITCOIN (Bitcoin) is a digital currency. It appeared in 2009 and is the youngest cryptocurrency. BIT Coins is an analogue of gold or silver. It is possible to buy Bitcoins from individuals (companies, sole proprietors) and organizations. To perform the first transaction on Bitcoin Service you need to take a Bitcoin loan from a bank.

After paying all commissions you can go to your wallet and get Bitcoins. In this case, you must always have Bitcoins in your account. Transaction is always carried out after confirmation by the administration. You do not have to pay any fees for working with cryptocurrencies. When exchanging Bitcoin for another currency, the commission is also 5%.

The online casino’s customer support team is available 24/7 and is always ready to answer questions. If necessary, they are also always available to give you a free consultation and answer any questions you may have. Experienced players know that support on the site solves questions in literally 2-3 minutes.


The first step on the way to additional earnings on the network, is the registration on the website Registration can be done in the Russian-speaking section. Entering your data, you can choose the country of registration: Russia, CIS, or foreign.

Also, you can immediately ask a question to the administration, indicating the specific prices. In the case of difficulties and questions, you can contact any visitor of the site.This and simplifies the search for partners to achieve high results, as well as save time and effort. Registration is required for further login. You can create a new account with your name or you can use an existing one.

Summary of

Thus, BITCOIN GAMES CASINO online casino allows you to easily mine cryptocurrencies and withdraw them by making a deposit. Among the other features worth mentioning is the availability of free demo mode game for real money, and you can play slot machines for real money without registration and no deposit bonuses.

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