BIG5CASINO Casino is a popular online, casino that is developed on a platform from the famous developer Microgaming. The casino is great for beginners because you won’t lose your money, but only win. Generous casino bonuses that allow players to win up to 90% of their own deposit will not leave you indifferent.
You no longer need to spend money on trips to have fun at the casino. Many gambling enthusiasts prefer to play online from the comfort of their homes. Online casino BIG 5CASinore suitable for beginners, because the casino is specifically designed for players who have just come to the online casino and want to start earning immediately.

The casino gaming room is conveniently located and is great for those who work or study. There is everything close by to make it convenient to come in and play. All the chips and bonuses also work on the casino site. So, no nasty surprises and you can start earning!

Once you are at this online casino, you can enjoy great graphics and intriguing gameplay for an unforgettable experience. This online gambling room is fully implemented with all the system that is provided for free for the players. More than 70 slot machines are now available to the users, which are collected in the form of different categories. All slots will be available in Russian, so you will not only be able to play your favorite slots, but also get valuable prizes from the casino.

Remember that the online casino is your chance to start playing online poker and play your favorite games without leaving home. Take advantage of this chance and start playing now!

Slot machines

The online casino offers the following types of slot machines:

  • Blackjack. This is one of the most popular types of card games.
  • Roulette. Quite a simple and gambling game. Many players prefer to play with live dealers.
  • Video poker. This is probably the most popular card game on the internet. You will need to download the necessary software and use it.
  • Oasis. This game will appeal to players who love gambling entertainment. You can also play it online at any time and for free, as well as counting on prizes.
  • On the casino website, you will find many interesting games for practicing your gambling that will be new to you. If you are used to playing and used to winning, then you will not be left indifferent to this online casino.

Bonuses and special offers

The online casino has several types of the most popular bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus. These are bonuses that you get right after registering, and their amount varies depending on the type of casino game. But either way, the amount of the first $300 is a gift.
  • 10-day bonus. The bonus will be from $10 to $1000, or $1000 to $5000. 3. 100% bonus on first deposit. The amount of the bonus varies from $5 to $200, but its maximum amount cannot exceed $500.
  • The bonus can be used repeatedly. If you have registered with the casino but haven’t funded your account, you can take advantage of the discount or second chance bonus. Bonuses on your first and second deposit at this casino can be up to 25% of your deposit.
  • To successfully use these bonuses, you must make a deposit of at least $200. A 100% bonus on the first deposit is usually given immediately, sometimes the same day. There are also casino bonuses, which allow players to get more game credits. These bonuses can be immediately added to your account. They are provided, for example, in Fonbet and William Hill. But, if you prefer to play online, loyalty bonuses in such casinos are not always profitable.

BIG 5Casino has promotions and giveaways almost every day. For example, there are regular “Bring a Friend”, “Calculator”, “Holiday Every Day”, and “Free Bonus” promotions. In addition, the slot machines featured in the casino have interesting bonus offers.

The new casino has a whole list of bonus programs waiting for its new players. BIGBringer offers 2 types of bonus offers:

  • $20 Bonus. You can get the bonus if your deposit is at least $100.
  • A club bonus of $20 to $100 (depending on player deposits).The amount of this bonus depends on the amount you have previously deposited in the casino. (The higher the amount, the smaller the bonus). In addition to the standard offers, the player can get additional bonuses on promotions and games.

Withdrawing money

Money in the casino BIG5CASINO can withdraw in the following ways:

  • An electronic wallet.
  • A bank card.
  • On your phone bill.
  • To a QIWI purse.
  • To other electronic payment systems.
  • In order to withdraw money you need to register on the BIG-5-CASNO website and then confirm it by sms. In SMS-message, specify your data – phone number, name. Depending on the method of withdrawal chosen, the commission is 0.4% or 1.5%.


In order to communicate with the casino on the site, you need to have an open bank or debit card. To open it, go to the official website of BIG 5-Casino and register on it. If you don’t have a social media account, create one. You will receive a message with your password and a link to follow. After registering on the casino site, go to your account, select “Login to your profile” and click “Open Profile”. In the “About Me” field, you need to enter your last name, first name, middle name, date of birth, cities of residence and activities, and email address.

In the field next to the login you need to enter a secret code that will come in an SMS to your phone. Then click [Customize] and go to the tab “Settings” – “Open profiles”. Here you need to activate two profiles that you specified earlier. For this purpose, in the section “Profile details” on the site, go to the link “Profile activated earlier” and select the profile that was activated earlier. Now you need to confirm the creation of the profile by clicking on the “Complete” button.

As a result two new tabs will appear: “Public profile” – here it is necessary to enter the nickname, the city of residence and to change the password to a new one. The “Open Profile” tab is where your friends can check your profile details and let you know if anything is wrong. Here it is necessary to put the data of your friends, and then they also will be placed in a public profile.

Please note! If you want to hide anything, click on the “Save” icon. The profile page also allows you to view the information that you have displayed in your settings. This section also tells you which sites and apps are currently available on your device and which are running in the background.

The bottom line is

Thus, BIG5CASINO casino is one of the most popular gaming clubs today. Everything is done here in a high-quality and convenient way. Come and play – the best indicator that recreation at the online casino will be enjoyable and, most importantly, safe! For regular customers there is a loyalty system. If you have any questions related to the game, we recommend contacting support.

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